Our Growing and Processing Practices: Healthy for People and for Our PlanetSour Tsunami

All cannabis growers in the Lost Coast Botanical Cooperative are required to practice organic, sustainable, outdoor farming techniques.  Sun-grown cannabis means no high-carbon-footprint energy use, and provides a better CBD/THC profile, owing to the broader spectrum of sunlight versus indoor lighting.

Our member-growers are strongly encouraged to collect rainwater in storage tanks and to not pump from streams, creeks, or wells during habitat-critical months for fish. We also encourage soil-building practices and the use of bulk soils over packaged soils, and require all soils and amendments to be organically sourced. Biodiverse plantings, or border plants that attract beneficial insects to keep pests away naturally, are also recommended.

Lost Coast Botanical Cooperative maintains clean growing and processing conditions, subject to compliance review inspections and laboratory testing. Plants are cured and manicured in a dust-free environment. Edibles are prepared in health department-certified kitchens. Tools are properly sterilized. All products are tested for mold, mildew, pesticide residue, and potency.


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